Sunday, June 24, 2007

Spraying with style

Taken from here:
I like graffiti. I don’t mean random vandalism sprayed with abuse on houses, I mean ’spraying with style’. When there has been large construction work in the city the wood boards they put around are soon decorated. While some paint is crude and forgettable, other work has style, sends a message, shows talent. It should be kept.
Living in this village there is less style most of the time. One bridge I walk under with the dog has had a lot of random abuse sprayed in black along the concrete. Their spelling is atrocious - I don’t mean badly spelt as in cool, I mean just bad. Some years ago it had some excellent political graffiti there - the council cleaned it off unfortunately.
The above image is from another bridge we went under for the first time. There were a couple of other items sprayed but this image I liked - that image is much better than the photo suggests.
Maybe it’s my prejudices but it seems that this graffiti sits wrongly in between the two villages. Not the abuse I mentioned - I think that’s everywhere - but the better stuff. Seems that the local kids just couldn’t have the talent I suppose.
I like the picture too.

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